You think Boom Cannons are the real enemy here?

Hey guys, remember who the “real enemy” is when you do missions or operations in Boom Beach. Since they removed the double damage quality of cannons and Boom Cannons in the last patch (but increased their damage) now I find that the most dangerous defense towers are the Rocket Launchers – especially when there are multiple numbers of them on the map.

I was inspired to write this article after seeing an attack on one of my resource bases by a fully upgraded Tank player. On the screenshot below you see that he used Barrage and Artillery to destroy 2 Boom Cannons and then he used Shock on the 3rd cannon, probably thinking that once he kills off the cannons he is good to go. Major mistake! As the tanks landed on the beach and as they certainly did a good job in cleaning up the machine guns (which are deployed there exactly to waste their time) and the cannons, they were showered by masses of rockets coming from all those Rocket Launchers totally shocking the player to the point that the only thing he could do is quickly press the retreat button or lose his entire battalion.

You think Boom Cannons are the real enemy here 2

This is of course just one very clear example, but I see this all the time in missions and operations that people go after the wrong targets and ignore the most important defense towers and for that they pay dearly with a failure. So think and focus on the correct towers. In this case a coupe of scorchers to absorb all attacks would certainly be of a bigger help then going after the Boom Cannons and then getting obliterated by the Rocket Launchers.

I also have a video recording of this if anyone wants to check it out, you can see it here:

Author: COSMOS

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