Barracks Units and Tips [Clash of Clans]

Looking at my best Barracks building, i.e. the one with the highest level, I want to give a few tips about the units:

  • The Dragon is the most fun unit and a lot of people want to use him, but the problem as you can see is that he costs 25000 elixir, which means that you could easily lose money attacking with dragons unless you manage to find a very sweet target paying you more than 200,000 in gold and elixir.
  • The Angel Healer is often used with Giants to heal them. But again putting those together ends up in a very expensive army.
  • Wizards are fun as well, we can call them powerful archers 🙂 but again, if you take into consideration their 3000 elixir cost and also their long time in training then I can say that i see very few people attacking with an army of wizards.
  • The Balloons are just big fun 🙂 I see very few people who have upgraded them to a high level and using them effectively with an air-only army.
  • Wall breakers – well… you gotta break those walls… enough said 🙂
  • Giants: expensive also, but effective backed up by archers or wizards or healers.
  • Goblins – super good at looting resources and are also super fast, but otherwise pretty much useless.
  • Barbarians and Archers are my favorite units. I use them all the time. Why? Well they are very easy to train, i.e. they are super cheap and take very little time to train. This means you can attack a lot more often and have a lot more fun 🙂

One can even do Barbarians only, but I found that a combination of the two works best because barbarians can be blown to bits by cannons and traps.

Barracks Units and Tips [Clash of Clans]

Author: COSMOS

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