Vault Level Importance [Boom Beach]

Hey guys, in Boom Beach you attack a lot, but you also get attacked a lot and, of course, you can try to build up a lot of defenses, put defensive statues, but almost no matter what you do there will always be someone really strong who will be able to invade your beach Headquarters. So the best defense is actually not defensive towers, but the Vault.

The Vault is very important because it safeguards your resources, so when you do get attacked then you don’t lose too much. This is especially useful if you get attacked a lot.

The Vault has 2 levels of protection: 1) it guarantees all resources in its own storage, so those nobody can steal and (2) it has a percentage based protection, so the enemy is blocked from stealing the shown percentage. On my screenshot below you can see my level 17 Vault and the additional boost it would get if I upgrade it to level 18. You see that, for example, already 500,000 gold is fully protected by the Vault, so nobody can steal that, and, if I have more than that, then 82% of the rest is also protected!

The Vault is somewhat expensive to upgrade in Boom Beach, but it is definitely worth it!

Vault Level Importance [Boom Beach]

Author: COSMOS

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