Go for 3 Tanks per Boat [Boom Beach]

Hey guys, if you are playing a Tank + Medic combo in Boom Beach then do everything in your power to upgrade up to a 24 slot boat / land craft, because it is just absolutely awesome to be able to fit 3 Tanks in one boat!

Check out the player below: He sacrificed a lot of defense upgrades in exchange for a massive offense, which in turn allows him to generate huge resources to do whatever he wants. I strongly believe this is a much better strategy for tank + medic (a.k.a. TMED) in Boom Beach then a balanced approach!

Also note 20 slots is good enough for Medics fitting 4 per boat. Getting to 25 slots is much too difficult and the benefit is not as vast as fitting 3 Tanks instead of 2 Tanks.

So below you have on a sub-level 50 player (I think he was even level 48) a massive offensive power with 15 Tanks backed up by 20 Medics with insane healing capability. Just a pleasure! 🙂

24 Slot Boat fits 3 Tanks

Author: COSMOS

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