Level 1 to Level 26 in 2 hours [League of Angels]

Hey guys, so I started a new Archer class in League of Angels on the AMZGAME server 1 and I made 3 nice game-play / “let’s play” videos where I go from Level 1 to Level 26 is less than 2 hours, which was good fun! 🙂

For those that don’t know League of Angels is an epic fantasy MMORPG set in a world plagued by darkness.  Your objective is to free the Angels, and set forth on a journey to rid the land of evil! 😛

League of Angels image

If you want to play LOA:

If you do like my videos and if you think the game is fun then please go play League of Angels @ AMZGAME via my link here which informs them that you came from my presentation so it will be beneficial for me. Here is the link: http://bz.amzgame.com/home/index?uid=971. Thanks guys! 🙂

And here are my videos:

Level 1 to Level 26 in less than 2 hours

Author: COSMOS

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