Level 26 to Level 30 videos [League of Angels]

Hey guys, so the League of Angels “let’s play” video series on AMZGAME servers continue with the next 3 videos where my archer goes from level 26 to level 30 🙂

In these series we go from our party of level 10 Nocturna angel, Rose Knight and Mermaid to a much more powerful hero Zweihander (good tank), Mermaid and a level 15 Nocturna angel. Doing all kinds of fun stuff grabbing rewards from the New Player Rewards, doing Drills, Arena, Clash of Might, planting and extorting in the Farm and of course the fun Gemology and more! 😛

League of Angels image

If you want to play LOA:

If you do like my videos and if you think the game is fun then please go play League of Angels @ AMZGAME via my link here which informs them that you came from my presentation so it will be beneficial for me. Here is the link: http://bz.amzgame.com/home/index?uid=971. Thanks guys! :)

And here are my videos:

Level 26 to Level 30 videos

Or just go to the full playlist:

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