Summoning a Wubbox in My Singing Monsters + Coin Income

Hi everyone! In this post I show and explain how to summon a Wubbox in My Singing Monsters both in details and videos. I will also present the Coin Income of the Wubbox from Level 1 to Level 15.

Unlike other monsters, you can’t just breed or place a Wubbox. Wubbox is a very special type of a monster which has a certain procedure for activation. These are the steps:

1) Purchase the Wubbox

Firstly you must purchase the Wubbox in the Nursery. The normal cost is 75,000,000 (yes 75 million) coins. But sometimes there is an event which cuts the cost in half, which super (but rare).

2) Placing the Wubbox and Filling in the Wubbox Inventory

Then you place the Wubbox on the island (you will need 6 beds of space), but it will not be in the “robot” shape. It will look like a house:

In order to transform this into a dancing and “singing” Wubbox you have to place into it one of each of the monsters of the island:

3) All placed + Powering up

It can take a long time to breed all the necessary monsters, but it is well worth it. When you do complete this you will see a new Powerup button which can be used to activate the Wubbox.

VIDEO: Summoning a Wubbox in My Singing Monsters

Here I have prepared a video to show you the whole thing:

Once the Wubbox is summoned don’t forget to feed it like any other monster so that it can get bigger and generate more Coins.

One problem with the Wubbox is that it is very hard to increase it’s happiness as it requires very expensive items. So my first Wubbox is at 50% happiness. To reach 100% happiness I have researched that we need:

  • Digger (easy)
  • Tube (easy)
  • Ambered thing – difficult, costs 25,000,000 Coins
  • Tub Fountain – difficult, costs 50,000,000 Coins

When you summon the Wubbox, at level 1 and 50% happiness (as i show in the video below) it will generate 22 Coins per minute with a maximum capacity of 43,200 Coins. But of course we will feed it straight away:

  • Level 1: 22 Coins per minute + 43,200 Coins maximum capacity
  • Level 3: 54 Coins per minute + 103,680 Coins maximum capacity
  • Level 7: 126 Coins per minute + 241,920 Coins maximum capacity
  • Level 10: 180 Coins per minute + 345,600 Coins maximum capacity
  • Level 12: 216 Coins per minute + 414,720 Coins maximum capacity
  • Level 14: 252 Coins per minute + 483,840 Coins maximum capacity
  • Level 15: 270 Coins per minute + 518,400 Coins maximum capacity
  • Level 15 at 100% Happiness: 360 Coins per minute + 518,400 Coins maximum capacity

Because it has such a high maximum Coin capacity it can take 1-2 days to fill up which means you rarely lose any Coins for not logging in often enough.

VIDEO: Wubbox Coin Income from Level 1 to 15 at 50% Happiness in My Singing Monsters

Author: COSMOS

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