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Are you having a hard time to decide which 3 Element monster (Pummel, Spunge, Scups, Reedling) to breed for the best coin income on Water Island in My Singing Monsters (MSM)? No worries, here I will show you all the info you need and tell you which is the best!

Note: this is especially useful for newer players to maximize their coin income. When you are big and rich you will already be having bigger monsters.


In the calculation I will show 2 comparisons and for this I have the following assumptions:

  • We will compare the monsters at Level 9 and Level 15. Level 9 is easier to achieve in the beginning and Level 15 info is good for later on.
  • For “Likes” I will assume 75% happiness for Level 9 comparison and 100% happiness for Level 15.

Level 9 Coin Income Comparison: Pummel, Spunge, Scups, Reedling

At 75% happiness as mentioned.

  • Pummel: 101 coins per minute with max capacity 13,478
  • Spunge: 75 coins per minute with max capacity 20,736
  • Scups: 87 coins per minute with max capacity 20,563
  • Reedling: 101 coins per minute with max capacity 15,552

THE BEST = Reedling for active players. However, if you login less often then Spunge’s higher capacity will benefit you more (it’s very hard to get Likes/Happiness for Scups).

Note: it takes about 2 and a half hours for Reedling to fill up to the max. For Spunge it takes alomst 5 hours.

Level 15 Coin Income Comparison: Pummel, Spunge, Scups, Reedling

At 100% happiness.

  • Pummel: 192 coins per minute with max capacity 22,464
  • Spunge: 144 coins per minute with max capacity 34,560
  • Scups: 168 coins per minute with max capacity 34,272
  • Reedling: 192 coins per minute with max capacity 25,920

THE BEST = Reedling again. But for players who login less Scups is better as at this stage you will be able to give it the Likes/Happiness.

Note: it takes just over 2 hours for Reedling to fill up to the max. For Scups it takes around 3 and a half hours.

Data Source

Thanks to My Singing Monsters Wiki where I gathered this data to present the comparison and recommendations.

Other considerations: Happiness


Very easy to get 75% Happiness.

  • Maw (requires level 4)
  • Fossil-osaurus (level 17)
  • Flappy Flag (level 9)
  • Fuzzle Tree (level 13)
  • Toe Jammer (level 4)


Easy to get 50% Happiness.

  • Dandidoo (requires level 9)
  • Stritch Skin (level 6)
  • Barbloo Statue (level 13)
  • Bloofi Tree (level 12)


Very hard monster to make happy earlier in the game.

  • Quibble (requires level 4)
  • Harpsitree (level 14)
  • Castanevine (level 18)
  • Dragon Tower (level 20)


Very easy to get 75%-100% Happiness.

  • Potbelly (requires level 9)
  • Shrubb (level 9)
  • Beeyoot Tree (level 8)
  • Pipes of Cicado (level 10)
  • Squeed Statue (level 16)

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If you login often the best 3 element monster to breed on Water Island is Reedling! You can also breed Shellbeat with Reedling and Toe Jammer and if it fails you will get Reedling anyway (or Shellbeat)! And since Toe Jammer is super fast to make you will not lose time! But as mentioned if you only login one or two times per day then probably Spunge is better for you in the early game or Scups if you got to level 20!

Author: COSMOS

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