More Videos LOA Archer #57 and #58 on LIGHT ENVOY Hero | BR 949,869

Hey guys, published 2 more videos on LOA Archer – #57 and #58 reaching Level 67 with Battle Rating of 949,869 and Title Marquis 5 Stars and, most importantly, getting the Light Envoy Hero! Remember if you have missed any of the progression videos you can easily just open the playlist and go to the number that you want.

Character Progress Video #57:

Character Progress Video #58:

Full Playlist:

Some nice moments from the videos:

Promoting to 5 star title (Marquis):

LOA Archer #57 and #58 - Marquis 5 Stars

A big important step for my party: Hiring Hero LIGHT ENVOY!

LOA Archer #57 and #58 - Hiring Light Envoy Hero

Having fun fighting in the Group Stage Tournament:

LOA Archer #57 and #58 - Group Stage

And seeing top people with powerful Heroes like the Hercules:

LOA Archer #57 and #58 - Hercules

Source: LOA Feed

Author: COSMOS

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