LOA Game Update 3.0385

LOA has a new game update! Version 3.0385. It is installed on April 29th, 2015, so check out all the new stuff that it includes below:

New Feature: Recharge History Bonus (will be online on May 1)

As long as you once recharged for certain amount, you will get this bonus monthly.

This is a very interesting development indeed and welcome bonus rewards for cashers!

New Items: Rename Cards

Angel Rename Card, Hero Rename Card and Fairy Rename Card were added to League of Angels.

LOA Game Update 3,0385 - Angel Rename Card

New Angel: Hemera

She has a 100% chance of hitting and reduces enemies’ defense by 18% on max level.

Her Angel Halo is also interesting especially since it gives +1544 Dodge on the top left corner.

LOA Game Update 3,0385 - Angel Hemera

New Hero: Cedric

He seems to be the tank version of the Earthshaker with both tank and 2 target attack capabilities at a rage cost of 50. The Battle skill gives a bonus to attack and defense for the first 3 turns helping increase the burst damage at the beginning of combat.

LOA Game Update 3,0385 - New Hero Cedric

New Wings: Wings of Spring

HP +8450
Attack +2830
Defenses +2050
Agility +830 and Crit +150

LOA Game Update 3,0385 - Wings of Spring

Other Improvements:

1.    Added Hero backup mark and deployed fairy mark.
2.    Added Guardian Angel mark.

*The above 2 are basically small markings to help us see which angels or fairies are deployed. A nice welcome addition.

3.    Cancelled Flip Limit and adjusted proper Time Limit in Tarot Card.
4.    Weakened punishing system in Tarot Card.
5.    Added Royal Boots and Royal Ring Print in Cross-server Shop in Arena.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed bug that Cherubstone doesn’t work in Team Arena.
2. Fixed bug that 1st Recharge Icon doesn’t disappear when all the rewards are collected.
3. Adjusted location of Gift Chest on Map.


Something else that was not mentioned but was awesome, at least for me, was that they fixed the order of appearance of heroes in the Drills, so now your deployed party members appear first and you don’t have to list through pages to find them. I have no idea why this was not mentioned because this was an awesome little thing.

LOA Game Update 3,0385 - Drills Hero Order

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