LOA Game Update 3.0377

LOA has a new game update! Version 3.0377. It is installed on April 16th, 2015, so check out all the new stuff that it includes below:

New Mount: Armored Elephant

Armored Elephant is lonely and arrogant. He travels through forest looking for some one he can fight with. It’s stats are:

  • PATK/MATK +4000
  • PDEF/MDEF +2500
  • Agility +1200
  • HP +9900

And it’s skill, at level 1, increases attack by 5%, agility and hit by 2.2% for the entire party each turn (stackable 3 times maximum). So as you can see it is a full offense type mount, which will probably catch the interest of any serious damage dealer.

LOA New Version 3,0377 - Armored Elephant

LOA New Version 3,0377 - Armored Elephant stats

New Fairy: Aries

A brave but careless ram with special powers. It holds its head high even when facing difficulties and failure. It has stats:

  • PATK/MATK +800
  • PDEF/MDEF +800
  • HP +2000
  • Crit/Hit +40
  • Electro Resist +76
  • Elemental Damage Bonus: 100%
  • Daily Loot Bonus: 10 Soulstones

LOA New Version 3,0377 - Fairy Aries

Other Improvements:

1. Optimized Hot Events Menu
2. Optimized the grouping method of Clash of Might

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed the image display error of evolved hero in Stable system.
2. Corrected the level requirement of Elena in Angel Covenant

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