Want to Add Your Ideas into Games?

Hey guys, some of you I’m sure have thought about or dreamed about your own games or adding your own ideas into games. Well – Good News – now you can! 🙂

In case you didn’t see, some time ago I started learning how to create games and I have already published 6 games at present (check on DolyGames)! And I am happy for people to join in and give feedback, ideas together with support and, we can, together, have fun and publish nice games!

Time & Skills

This work takes a lot of time; even simple things need to be fully defined/coded for the game to work, so ideally I need people who can bring their ideas as well as support me to keep working. Below are some ideas of what you could do.

Skills: I already know how to do/create many things, but i don’t know everything for sure. I learn new stuff every day, but some requests, naturally, i won’t be able to do.

How you can join

Totally NEW GAME ideas

Have a totally new idea? Want to build a new game from scratch? Cool – I am happy to take up the project! 🙂

I will work as fast as I can afford it. So write down your ideas and send me an email and please sign up as a Patron to support the work (just as an idea, from start to finish, it costs about 400-800 to create a totally new arcade game).

For a totally new game based on your ideas you will also have a huge influence for creating the name of the game and many important elements/decisions that people normally have no access to.

Link to my Patreon: here

Join in on improving an existing game

You already like one of my games and have cool ideas to add stuff in them? Great!

Email me your feedback/ideas of what you suggest to add or change and become a sponsor for that project to help me spend hours working on it. I can also write credit/thanks to you in the articles to clearly show that you supported the game development.

You are an Artist or Musician and want to add your designs or music?

Definitely happy to consider it. Email me your designs/music and your wishes/suggestions and if it makes sense and improves the game I will be happy to support your ideas. I can also write credit/thanks to you in the articles to help promote your name. Please note that if we add anything into the game(s) you are giving me full rights/permissions for the artwork/music as I don’t want to get sued for using someone else’s work (I will also ask for written confirmation that you are the original creator of the work).

Author: COSMOS

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