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Hey guys, I am writing this article to help everyone who is suffering from slow Chrome performance when playing Flash Games like I was and hopefully the fixes I explain here help you as they have helped me. Note that I am just sharing what worked for me and a lot of other people, but this does not give you any guarantees or promises, so it is up to you to decide if you want to try these steps or not. I can only say that for me this was a HUGE improvement and I could enjoy the games again.

So why did Chrome become slow again with flash games?

Chrome has a sort of an in-house flash player called Pepper Flash, which, I am sorry to say is horrible. And recently they forcefully blocked out Adobe’s Flash Player and forced all Chrome users to use their horrible Pepper Flash. In the past I could go to Chrome’s plugins and disable this and enable the Adobe’s player, but now, with the recent Chrome updates, they completely removed this so people were stuck with slow lagging games or forced to use other browsers to play games.

How to fix this and make games fast again?

Step 1: making Adobe’s Flash visible

Our target is to again disable the Pepper Flash and enable the much better Adobe’s version and this is how we do it:

A: open a new tab in Chrome and put “chrome://flags/” in the URL

B: find “Enable NPAPI” in that list and enable it. It’s gonna look like the picture below:

Speed up Flash Games in Chrome - Enable NPAPI

Once you did this scroll down to the most bottom of the screen and click “Relaunch now” so that your change works.

Step 2: disable Pepper enable Adobe’s

A: again open a new tab and put “chrome://plugins/” in the URL

B: due to what we did in Step 1, now Adobe Flash Player / Shockwave Flash will be visible in the plugins, so look for it like shown on the picture below and what we want to do when we see these 2 options is: we want to disable the Shockwave Flash which has the Location going to pepflashplayer.dll and we want to enable the Shockwave Flash which is in the Macromed\Flash folder. So you see on the below picture the Pepper Flash is greyed out as I disabled it and the much better performing Adobe’s Flash is with white background. And you also want to tick the “Always allowed to run” tick-box under the Adobe’s Flash.

Speed up Flash Games in Chrome - Shockwave Flash

Once you did this you just need to restart Chrome and you are good to go. Again, I can only speak for myself, I cannot promise or guarantee anything to you, but for myself this was a huge life-saver and I could again enjoy flash games properly.

I am not a tech person and i don’t know all the politics and details about Google Chrome’s Pepper Flash (and I don’t care to know either), but when someone forces a bad product into your mouth then something is going terribly wrong in their organization. I think in general Google is great, but in this aspect they are truly evil, because obviously their Pepper-BS is total BS.

I hope this fix works for you! Enjoy playing games and put down in the comments a thanks if it worked for you! 🙂

Author: COSMOS

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