SPARTA First Look, Gameplay and Review (Plarium Games)

Hey guys, in this article we present a comprehensive review of SPARTA which is a strategy browser game by Plarium Games. The article will include description of game features, various positive and negative points and at the bottom will be my 1.5 hour video with full gameplay / review. So let’s get started 🙂

AMAZING Game Trailer

I want to start with the game trailer simply because it was totally awesome. Many games make cheap trailer or don’t have any at all, but SPARTA’s trailer I really liked – it’s like a movie. So it does not matter if you play this game or not I would suggest you watch this trailer (first few minutes of my video). And here I share 2 pictures from it:

SPARTA trailer pic 1 SPARTA trailer pic 2

Entering the Game / UI

I was a little bit overloaded with many buttons and the general UI once I entered the game. This is just an initial impression and, as we know, we get used to these things to the point that they don’t matter anymore. However, this is something that can be improved I feel, but I will not give any negative marks to the game just for this. However, on the positive side, I immediately could see the city building interface and lots of interesting things that the player should develop, build and upgrade, which is something I like, so that was good.

SPARTA town pic 1

Lots of Options for Construction

There are lots of buildings to build and there are many interesting aspects to the game. This opens up the possibility to think strategically which makes things a lot more interesting. You can also upgrade buildings to generate more resources or to get even bigger benefits, which is nice.

It does take a little bit of time to get used to things and learn what all the different buildings do, but this is also just a starting issue which is solved very quickly after playing a little bit.

On the other hand an important point is that you can do a lot of things completely for free, but there are some parts of the game which require payment. The good news is that the game currency can also be acquired freely, which is pretty good, but naturally this is not super easy 🙂

SPARTA town pic - construction 1

Here a picture after constructing a lot of buildings:

SPARTA town pic - construction 2

Technology / Research / Agreements

As in many other games there is an area where you can increase knowledge or do research and in SPARTA this is via AGREEMENTS, which I thought was an excellent way of implementing such a feature. You basically make diplomatic agreements which give you various benefits or unlock features such as constructing a particular building or recruiting a military unit type. There are A TON of agreements and several paths, so, for sure, it will take a bunch of time playing to get them all signed, but I have a wonderful positive first impression regarding this feature and the way they implemented it in the game.

SPARTA agreements 1

Military Units are Wonderful

I really liked the military units. The graphics connected with me and I liked the implementation of 2 types of units: offensive and defensive, which are further broken down by unit types (light, heavy, etc). This opens up the possibility to play in different ways strategically attacking the weaknesses of your enemies.

SPARTA Promachos unit SPARTA Peltast unit SPARTA Hoplites unit SPARTA Psilos unit

Strong military units can also be purchased with money in the Market:

SPARTA military units market

Lots of Resources and Upgrades

There are a lot of slots to build resource buildings and, even after building, there are many levels of upgrades. This means the player can get higher and higher amount of automatically generated resources every day which helps greatly to build new buildings, upgrade and recruit military units.

SPARTA resources 1

Raiding Enemies, Caravans, etc

I feel one of the most important parts of the game is to compose a powerful army with which you raid your enemies and capture their resources. Here many things matter: unit types, carrying capacity, speed, offensive power, various bonuses, etc. On the picture below I am preparing for my first raid lead by my most powerful unit, the awesome and amazing Spartan Promachos 🙂

SPARTA preparing to raid 1

Once you send your raiding party then you can watch on the world map how they go towards your enemy, which is a slow action normally, but it is pretty exciting because you are already counting all the resources that you will conquer / capture and all the enemies you will destroy! 😛

SPARTA preparing to raid 2

Game Map is Vast

The World Map is vast and there are many enemies to attack as well as many players to make friends with. I feel that it is absolutely a key in this game to enter an Alliance / Coalition in order to defend each other better and defeat your enemies with the strength and support of your friends!

SPARTA map 1

SPARTA map 2

And a lot more

And there are a lot more things on top of everything I pointed out. The game is rather deep and complex and is a great choice for someone who loves strategy and diplomacy and is not afraid to get into battles. As it was said in the Tutorial, the Spartans are not made to be standing around idle, their sharp swords are meant for a very specific purpose 🙂 hehehe

Conclusion of this SPARTA Game Review

I think this is a very nice game specifically for people who enjoy strategy. If you want quick few minutes plays and quick rewards this might not be the game for you. But if you want to play a long time, make friends, grow your city, build a powerful army, research technologies, etc, then, definitely, this is a game for you.

SPARTA Game Info

To watch the trailer directly or to see all other info check out Sparta Game Info.

My Comprehensive Video Review

Lastly, you can watch below or on YouTube my comprehensive video review:

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