Don’t keep any prisoners [King of Towers]

Hey guys, the Prison system in King of Towers is a very popular place and a lot of people try to get the maximum number of prisoners to boost their Battle Rating. Don’t do that if you are not a VIP player – this is a big trap! This is because when you take prisoners then you almost force others to attack you and kill off your troops, because naturally the people you have imprisoned also want to play and plunder others. And it does not matter how strong you are, they can just keep hitting you every 5 minutes until all your guards are dead and they will free themselves. As a result you lose a huge number of troops and, of course, their gold worth. The gold is not even the main issue, the main issue is re-recruiting all those troops back.

Don't keep any prisoners King of Towers

So when you are in the barracks, as on the example below, you see I can recruit 11800 soldiers in one go and then I have to wait 5+ minutes to do it again, so that will take about 1 hour to recover 100,000 troops and nobody has the time to sit at the PC all day and click the recruit button. And troops die everywhere and especially the Enemy Skirmishes / Challenge Monsters takes a huge amount of troops if you want to always have the highest chances for various special items.

Don't keep any prisoners King of Towers 2

So in conclusion, I highly recommend to give up the little bit extra Battle Rating from keeping prisoners and do everything you can to lose as few soldiers as possible.

Author: COSMOS

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