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Hey guys, re-created my original Cosmos’s Fireball Shooter game that had died due to an outdated software, which you can play right now totally for free! 🙂 This is Version 1 even though i already made lots of changes to it’s original “noobie buubie” state and I will try to keep on improving it especially if you / players / fans can support me. You can influence how the game changes! Read below the game!

Controls: Move with up, down, left and right arrows. Shoot with Left Click.
Starts easy and then it goes crazy! See how high score you can reach 🙂

You can influence how the game changes!

I am releasing this version and, like I said, I will try to keep on improving it especially if you / players / fans can support me (both time to learn and work and money to buy assets (images, sounds, tools/logics, licences, etc) are needed). You are welcome to email me suggestions on how to improve the game (priority goes to my Patron supporters for making changes!). For anyone who can give financial support, the best is if you can help by becoming a Patron supporter, otherwise you can always send a one time PayPal payment/support to [email protected]

So what can we change or add in Cosmos’s Fireball Shooter? Well, lots! Here is an example list and as I learn more and get smarter we can create cooler things.

  • All images, characters and their sizes
  • All audio sounds can be changed (background, fireballs, explosions).
  • We can add new stuff! 🙂
  • We can add new logics / rules! 😛
  • and so much more…

You can buy a gift for your family / friends

Do you want to have a custom version made for your personal use to give a funny gift to your family / friends? Like putting your kids into the game or anything fun? 🙂
Email me to tell me what customization you want I will let you know what is possible and how much your request will cost. Want to learn more about this? Check out my dedicated site for Personalized Gifts.

Current Game Variables

Here are some variables to get an idea:

  • Monster health starts with 5, so you need to hit it 5 times to kill it
  • Starting Monster speed = 150
  • Player max speed = 200
  • Shooting starts by 1 fireball per 1 click until it gets to the madness 😛
  • The Fireball that the Player shoots fades out in half a second
  • and so much more… 🙂

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