A New Android/IOS Game Introduction [Dawn of the Immortals]

Hello everyone, few days ago I was watching mobile game videos on YouTube until I discovered an awesome Trailer of Dawn of the Immortals. Here is the Trailer link if anyone wants to check it out!

Game introduction

This game is a Mobile 3D MMORPG with very nice graphics. Both PVE and PVP fans will enjoy it because of the  various quests, events, bosses and events. It was developed by Perfect World Entertainment Inc  and published by Fedeen Games  in November 2014.

Game features


One of my favorite PVP feature in the game is Player Kill  mode which is called PK. PK mode allows us to attack other players when we are out of the town. Usually PK is not appreciated by low level players (at least it was the case for me) but once we reach level 50+ (which takes only few days), PK turns into a fun activity 🙂

The game has also a nice PVE part. Indeed, the instances are not a regular dungeons where we have to kill monsters, few elites and then fight a boss in the end of the dungeon. These instances also include different traps in the way such as fire traps and mine bombs dropped by bosses that can kill us immediately if we don’t pay attention!

Auto Combat

The game also has a very nice feature called Auto Combat.  This feature allows us to auto attack the closest monster around us. It is very useful for grinding experience, repeating quests, and clearing waves of monsters and bosses.

Multiplayer vs Solo

The aspect I really like about this game is that we have a choice to either do our dailies alone or with a team.     Indeed, the game lets us build our team before we join any instance (dungeon) by inviting our guild mates or  sending a world chat invite so the whole server can join us.

In case we can’t find players, we have an other option that shows once we are inside the instance. This awesome feature allows us to add a maximum of two players of our choice from our friend list.

As we all know, sometimes we don’t have much time to do everything, and looking for a team is sometimes the worst task to do. With this feature, everyone has a chance to do their instances even if they don’t have time to look for a team.


In addition to this, the game has two different interfaces! One for phones and the other for tablets. So far, this is the first mobile game I see offering such a nice feature! Usually mobile games are designed for either phones or tablets but rarely fits both devices.


After playing Dawn of the Immortals for few days, I can definitely say: this is the best MMROPG I’ve played on mobile for many reasons. Here are few reasons that made me like the game:

  • The graphics are pretty good and does not require a powerful device.
  • It is lag free.
  • The game is easy to play, there’s no need to stay in front of our phone/tablet for many hours. The Auto Combat mode can take care of piloting our character while we are cooking, working or simply busy with something else.
  • This game is free to download and can be played as a free player without any need to purchase a VIP membership, gems or coins.

If anyone has been seduced by this little beauty, here is my invite code : yqm2948830029. This code must be used before reaching level 10 to be able to claim a welcome gift.

Below are few screenshots that shows a preview on how the game looks like 😉

Author: DZmage

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