Solo Cross Server Arena in Chinese Wartune

Hey guys, Chinese Wartune just got a cool feature from the latest 5.0 patch. Players over there can now do arena with a team of two, three or even solo! So if you choose to solo cross server arena, you have to be mindful that you could face a team of 4 players.

Screenshot of me starting Solo Cross Server Arena:

Solo in Arena

When I soloed Arena, I was not facing a whole bunch of strong 4 player team but some 2-3 player teams so maybe the arena matching depends on how many players you have in your team.

Krishna doing the Solo Cross Server Arena:

Soloing in Arena

So what do you guys think? Would you ever solo arena if you can’t get a 4 player team? I know I would even if I loose all 15 runs because I do Arena once a week. We may get this or may not but I either way, I hope we get this because this will be useful to all of the players that have limited time everyday.

Comment below or feel free to ask questions on this small new feature. 😀

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