Moonie Coin World – PLAY FREE – by COSMOS

Hey guys, I have created a new game “Cosmos’s Moonie Coin World” which you can play right now totally for free! 🙂 You can also personalize this game for your family/friends as a gift! Read below!

Controls: For Keyboard: Up, Down, Left, Right or the WASD keys (and mouse for buttons). For mobile players: Tap to jump and tilt screen 🙂
This game has 2 aspects: racing against time and being just very pleasant to play or stress-release 🙂

Want a UNIQUE gift for your family / friends?

Do you want to have a custom personalized version made to give a funny gift to your family / friends? Like putting your kids into the game or anything fun? 🙂
Email me to tell me what your wishes are and I will let you know what is possible and how much your request will cost. Want to learn more about this? Check out my dedicated site for Personalized Gifts.

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