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Gamers invest a lot of time, emotion and money to play and have fun and get away from daily problems / stress. Good companies who take care of their players respect this and create a Win-Win relationships. However, there are bad companies who are unprofessional, unethical, who create problems and stress and get away with illegal / dirty practices abusing their power, hiding in legally “difficult-to-address” locations and/or behind “forced” Terms of Service allowing themselves to do anything they wish to players. And often players do not have money to hire lawyers or lawyers are not interested in smaller amounts of money to fight back against these companies.

DG Solution

We create this Game Companies Ranking where we score companies based on a number of indicators so that players can easily see which companies they should probably stay away from when they are thinking to start playing a new game. This is our way of making sure that bad / unprofessional / unethical companies do not get away risk free from their dirty practices, so even if they manage to abuse some players today, this ranking will try to make sure that they are punished down the road!

Constantly Updated Ranking


Many Indicators are Used


We Improve Regularly and Welcome Feedback



> We use many indicators in our research to calculate scores. Shown below are aggregate calculations. Additional information on indicators can be found below the table.

> The higher the score the worse.

> All scores are fair towards the size of the business, so 1 complaint from 1000 players is treated differently than 1 complaint from 1 million players.

> The Ranking is never “finished”. We constantly update it over time and we add companies when needed or ready.

Game Companies Ranking by DolyGames

Company URL FINAL SCORE FINAL SCORE (high = bad) Bad Commu- nication Score Opened Issues Score Bad Reviews Score Bad Business Score
R2Games Entertainment, Inc. (Reality Squared Games) STAY AWAY! 1019.45 987.92 274.18 1154.4 990
Aeria Games STAY AWAY! 884.89 561.51 247.87 1087.8 990
Nexon Beware! Risky! 670.93 60.64 72.98 947.2 910.8
Koram Games Beware! Risky! 659.76 166.82 918.55 1095.2 n.a.
Plarium Global Ltd. OK-ish 403.58 12.98 21.34 879.12 n.a.
Kabam, Inc. Good Company 275.57 71.19 181.93 592 39.6
GameFuse Good Company 270.39 21.8 740.98 414.4 n.a.
Blizzard Entertainment Inc Good Company 257.19 26.55 37.5 592 39.6
Proficient City / Game Hollywood Good Company 236.71 77.54 985.87 229.4 n.a.
Supercell Oy / Supercell, Inc. Good Company 169.16 44.75 80.27 355.2 39.6
Miniclip Good Company 126.81 93.19 149.47 155.4 n.a.
Armor Games Inc Good Company 113.22 30.95 193.7 177.6 n.a.

Indicators Info:

As mentioned we use many indicators in our research to calculate scores. Here are all the indicators used at present (this can change over time):

> Company score by BBB (Better Business Bureau – This includes 13 factors which BBB uses.

> Scores by various Review websites, reviews written by people (Trust Pilot –, MMOS –

> Lots of data from Google.
Data mining quantity of occurrences of complaints: (a) worst company / horrible company and similar (b) did not get a reply / did not get an answer and similar (c) game support: quantity of tickets “noise” / quantity of “problems” or “issues” or “difficulties”

> Data from Google and Alexa to determine overall company size / popularity which is used to calculate quantities out of total size to respect the relationship between number of issues and total size (e.g. 100 complaints might sound like a lot but if there are millions of players involved that’s a low number).

> [Not used it but will add] Company open channels to communicate with DolyGames regarding ranking and player complaints. If we are able to work together to resolve issues of players then Ranking will improve.

> [Not used it but will add] Company membership with DolyGames. If the company is willing to invest / support this project with open lines of communication then it is clear they are interested to have a better relationship with players. “Good Companies” will also be able to use our “Good Company” badge to show to players their Ranking / status.


For Companies who wish to improve

If you want to make efforts to improve your rating or add your company to our ranking please send us an email to start a discussion. Company membership with us + Company efforts to communicate, resolve issues, care for players are 2 factors that have an influence on the ranking.

Use the contact form below or EMAIL.

For Players who wish to support us

If you like our initiative / service / efforts to take care of players and wish to support us please sign up to become our Patron on our Patreon page.

Alternatively if you wish to send a one time thanks you can PayPal to EMAIL.


For Players who wish to report a problem against a company

We are happy to receive additional information from players and adapt our scores if needed. To do this we require clearly submitted information: (1) clear description of the problem / offense by the company (2) proofs such as screenshots both of the issue and that you tried to communicate with the company and they did not reply or did not support you (3) anything else that you think may help us. Email.

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