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Hey guys, test servers are getting the new patch in a couple of hours and I just wanted to share a sneak peek before they get the new patch. In the new patch, double attribute gems (Dual Gems) will be added and since many people are anxious to know what is required, I am sharing this. Now please note that this is based off of Chinese Wartune and they could add/remove or edit any small feature of Dual Gems.


  • Red Equipment Piece:
  • x2 Level 10 and up gems
  • Bound Balens/Balens
  • Gem Solvent

The good thing about dual gems us that you don’t need any special transposers but the down side is that you need to spend a huge amount of balens/bound balens on the material needed to fuse gems. The other bad thing about dual gens is that you can only socket it in red equipment.

Gem Solvent:

The Gem Solvent is ridiculously expensive but cloud adventure may help out. Each of these “Gem Solvent” costs 1,000 Balens/Bound Balens which is located in the “Gem Section from the Shop.” The price may increase once we get this.

Gem Solvent

Level 10 Dual Gem Synthesis:

  • x2 Level 10 Gems (Each of them must be different)
  • 1,600 Gold
  • x1 Gem Solvent

Dual Gem Panel of Level 10

Level 11 Dual Gem Synthesis:

  • x2 Level 11 Gems (Each of them must be different)
  • 1,800 Gold
  • x2 Gem Solvent

Dual Gem Panel of Level 11

Level 12 Dual Gem Synthesis:

  • x2 Level 12 Gems (Each of them must be different)
  • 2,000 Gold
  • x4 Gem Solvent

Dual Gem Panel of Level 12

This is one of the reason I won’t bother to dual my gems because all of those balens can be used in something more effective. Not only these are expensive but once you use it up to dual a gem, they go away. To be honest, I would rather spend 1,000 balens on crypt keys to get a high chance of getting a transposer that I don’t have.

Gem Stats/Preview:

These gems are Level 10-12 not 7-11. Big thanks to Katrin for sorting these images out.

PDEF + PATK Dual Gems:


 PATK + MDEF Dual Gems:

PATK + MDEF Dual Gem

Crit + PATK Dual Gems:

Crit + PATK Dual Gems

HP + PATK Dual Gems:

HP + PATK Dual Gems

Block + PATK Dual Gems:

Block + PATK Dual Gems

PDEF + HP Dual Gems:

PDEF + HP Dual gems

Block + PDEF Dual Gems:

Block + PDEF Dual gems

PDEF + Charisma Dual Gems:

PDEF + Charisma Dual Gems

MDEF + Charisma Dual Gems:

MDEF + Charisma Dual Gems

Crit + Charisma Dual Gems:

Crit + Charisma Dual Gems

Charisma + HP Dual Gems:

Charisma + HP Dual Gems

Block + Charisma Dual Gems:

Block + HP Dual Gems

Crit + MDEF Dual Gems:

Crit + MDEF Dual Gems

MDEF + HP Dual Gems:

MDEF + HP Dual Gems

Block + MDEF Dual Gems:

Block + MDEF Dual Gems

Crit + HP Dual Gems:

Crit + HP Dual Gems

Block + Crit Dual Gems:

Block + Crit Dual gems

Block + HP Dual Gems:

Block + HP Dual Gems

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