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Catch The Family โ€“ Play Free – by COSMOS DolyGames

Hey guys, I have created a new game "Cosmosโ€™s Catch The Family" which you can play right now totally for free! ๐Ÿ™‚ You can personalize this game for your family/friends as a gift! Read below! Controls: Tap or Click to to catch ๐Ÿ™‚ Starts easy but becomes harder as you...
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Learn to Fly 2 โ€“ Play Free

Hey guys, this is one of my favorite games - it is so much fun and makes me smile and even laugh a bunch of times during playing and, again, every time i come back to play it again after some time! ๐Ÿ™‚ This game is just great, so give it a try and if this is your first...
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Alien Discipline – Play Free

You have been hired as a Professional Space Nanny by the Galactic Alien Government. Your job is to discipline the toughest aliens in the universe! Don't fail! Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move around your character and the space bar to whack the aliens....
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Flappy – Play Free

The object of the game in Flappy is to use your mouse to navigate Flappy avoiding other birds but doing your best to catch all the balloons! Hold the mouse click to fly up and let go to drop, so with just one button you can have all the controls, which is great. So...
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Cosmosโ€™s Rocket Shooter Survival โ€“ Play Free

Hey guys, I have created a new game "Cosmosโ€™s Rocket Shooter (Survival)" which you can play right now totally for free! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is Version 3 where I have made a lot of changes including animations, more refined game logic and much more. I will try to keep on improving...
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Alien Prison Break – Play Free

After the initial famous battle of "Alien Discipline", the Nanny was arrested and put on trial when parents of the Alien children filed complaints with the galactic alien government for so-called "alien-abuse". The Nanny was then sent to a maximum security alien...
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Chomper – Fish Game – Play Free

Chomper was a vegetarian fish, but today he is back to eating worms, so catch all the red worms you can but make sure to avoid all the dangers! Oh, and always try to grab the gem off the crabs and have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ Chomper - The Game Give it a moment for the game to load...
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A Unique Gift - Personalized Game

Hey guys, have you ever wanted a unique gift – to include your family/friends inside a game? I design games for people to play, laugh and enjoy and I can also personalize them for your family/friends, which would be a great / unforgettable experience!
Read more here:
Also, I am happy to receive Patron’s requests to further develop games, create new ones or add things in existing ones.


Latest Games

Air Patrol – Play Free

Air Patrol - catch the illegal aliens that are trying to get across the desert! If you let 25 aliens escape you will lose! ๐Ÿ™‚ so focus, move around with your mouse and click to shoot your tractor beam to catch them! Best of luck! ๐Ÿ™‚ Air Patrol - The Game [box...

1i – The Jumping Game

1i - the jumping game: using the Right and Left arrow keys on the keyboard move the 1-i fun character around. Focus to aim your jumps well and only grab the green flying blobs and not the blue ones. The blue ones will make you lose health points while the green ones...

Ultimate Chopper โ€“ Play Free

Using your mouse, click to fly the chopper awhile avoiding all the rocks! Remember going up is harder than going down, so plan ahead - just completely let go to drop fast or click and hold to go up fast with your chopper or click periodically to try to stay on the...

Tic Tac Toe โ€“ Play Free

Try to get three X's or O's in a row to win. Use the mouse to play. Grab a friend to play against on the same computer! Tic Tac Toe - The Game [swf src="" width=550...

Alien Bottle Buccaneer 2

Adventure continues Nanny is back with more fun, addicting bottle smashing levels! After much research our hero "Nanny" is convinced that "Recycling" glass bottles means shooting them all with big rubber balls ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, Help our Nanny to "Recycle" all the glass...

Alien Guard 3

Walk around back and forth collecting as many cash bags as you can in addition to shooting all the angry little aliens. It is important to walk around because the cash bags will reappear after you collect them to give you a chance to score lots of points. When you are...

Pirate Gem โ€“ Play Free

Click on 2 gems to make them switch places and find 3 or more gems of the same color. The more gems you align the higher your bonus points will be. Watch for Target Gems on each level. Get enough of the target gems and you will advance to the next level. The Pirate...


Latest Blog Posts

Trick for Elemental Forest Dungeon to see the Final Boss

Hey guys, here is a really cool trick for seeing what is the final boss in the Elemental Forest (normal or nightmare doesnโ€™t matter which type). Thanks to Tim/Anders for sharing the tip! So I went and recorded the video to show you guys how exactly it works, which I...

May Class Wars Launch & Maintenance

Hi everyone, the next Class War will be launched May 23rd with the Preliminaries (on Saturday) and the Finals will take place the day after on May 24th (Sunday). We will have the same 1 time for everyone as last time: US West : 11:55 US East : 14:55 EU Servers : 19:55...

LOA Game Update 3.0389

LOA has a new game update! Version 3.0389. It is installed on May 14th, 2015, so check out all the new stuff that it includes below: New Angel: Serrin (in honor and memory of Serrin) New Event: Champion Showdown Duration: May 15 to May 22. Eligibility: all players...

Dual Gems Info โ€“ Chinese Wartune

Hey guys,ย test servers are getting the new patch in a couple of hours and I just wanted to share a sneak peek before they get the new patch. In the new patch, double attribute gems (Dual Gems) will be added and since many people are anxious to know what is required, I...

Guardian of Shambhala Wartune Mount

Hey guys, I received this funny Wartune mount picture and want to share with you to make you smile. It is called the Guardian of Shambhala and thanks to DerPate/Iam for sending me the screenshot. Put below in the comments what do you think about this mount? My first...

Cosmos on Arthros Mount

Hey guys, I got the Arthos Mount! Wohoo Totally did not expect it! So I changed my bold bright red Scarlet / Trendsetter clothing to a darker violet dragon / blue look to match Arthos so that we can look good together! ^^ The Arthros mount can also fly, which is...

Power Potion vs Fresh Milk Tea

Hey guys, since the Patch 4.0 we now have a new item to boost our attack stat, the Fresh Milk Tea, which is actually a percentage giving item instead of the fixed value power and intelligence potions that we were used to. So letโ€™s have a look at Power Potion vs Fresh...

5.18 billion Damage in Gauntlet Event Achievement

Hey guys, this is an achievement post sharing my new record of reaching a huge 5.18 billion damage in the Gauntlet Event and earning 102+ million gold. For tips about how to earn more gold and optimize your party and character for maximum damage / earnings check out...

Level 39 Wartune Camper with 132k Battle Rating

Hey guys, campers are reducing day by day because of the 1000% Word Prosperity Buff but this does not stop my friend, Vlax from camping. As of now, he is level 39 with 132,040 battle rating! For a level 39, this is monster battle rating. I canโ€™t imagine myself staying...

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