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Flappy – Play Free

Flappy – Play Free The object of the game in Flappy is to use your mouse to navigate Flappy avoiding other birds but doing your best to catch all the balloons! Hold the mouse click to fly up and let go to drop, so with just one button you can have all the controls, which is great. So avoid the little blue birds and try to pop...
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Cheese Hunt – Play Free

Cheese Hunt – Play Free The object of the game is to find and eat all the cheese. There are 5 fun levels of Cheese Hunt so see if you can complete them all and get the highest score possible! Check out the how to play section to see all the objects to increase your chances! 🙂 The game might take a little bit of time to load so...
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Ultimate Chopper

Ultimate Chopper Using your mouse, click to fly the chopper awhile avoiding all the rocks! Remember going up is harder than going down, so plan ahead – just completely let go to drop fast or click and hold to go up fast with your chopper or click periodically to try to stay on the level. And watch out for those harder...
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