Alien Guard 2

King of the hill! Defend your land… Watch out for those angry little aliens! Duck down to avoid the giant rocket or shoot it down for 250 extra points, also shoot down the tiny UFO and the giant flying bug. Grab all the flying cash for bonus points by jumping up! >> Hint: Only focus on those who can hurt you 1st. Walking little aliens and the tiny UFO are your primary target since they can all get you even if you are ducking down, everyone else is EXTRA. Jump and Catch your health box as it fly’s. It will only pass by once during the battle so try to be very careful with your health.

The game might take a little bit of time to load so please wait.

Alien Guard 2 – The Game

Game Screenshots -Alien Guard 2:

Alien Guard 2 (5) Alien Guard 2 (6) Alien Guard 2 (1) Alien Guard 2 (2) Alien Guard 2 (3) Alien Guard 2 (4)

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